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Proudly Serving Wilmington, Pike Creek, Dover, Bear, Newark, Hockessin & Surrounding Areas

Tutor Doctor Solutions of Wilmington

Proudly Serving Wilmington, Pike Creek, Dover, Bear, Newark, Hockessin & Surrounding Areas

Tutoring for Adults

Did you think that tutoring was only for school aged kids? Well Tutor Doctor Solutions tutors all ages and all areas. Yes adults too…

Whether you are an adult returning to nursing school and need some help with Algebra or a student trying to pass a dental exam, Tutor Doctor can help with tutoring for adults.

With today’s struggling economy, more and more adults are finding themselves back in school; for some the first time in 10, 20 or even 30 years. Some of the challenges faced by the adult learner include:

  • Tutoring for Adults in WilmingtonJuggling class time, study time, and family responsibilities.
  • Many of the skills learned while in school have long been lost.
  • School curriculum is often in areas that are unfamiliar.
  • Many adult students have either full or part-time jobs that also interfere with study schedules
  • Finding the right time and place to study is often a struggle in itself.


Forget about utilizing the traditional “learning centers.” The adult learner needs a tutor that can be as flexible as he/she is, and that’s where Tutor Doctor comes in. Our tutors will meet the adult learner at their home, work, school, coffee shop or park; wherever and whenever it is convenient for the student. Contact Tutor Doctor now to see how we can help.

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